Welcome back to the Chequers
December the 3rd

We are really excited to be open again and welcome you back.

But sorry we do have to follow a few rules to make sure you are
safe and do our part and to help keep the corona virus at bay.

We are only able to serve drink with a substantial meal

The definition of substantial meal leaves a lot of room for interpretation,
but at the Chequers we take it to mean with a main dish or equivalent from our daily menus.
Sorry a bowl of chips does not count.

The period we can serve drink for

Again this leaves a little confusion
but we are taking it to mean that while you are dinning you are able to drink reasonably.

The guide states "when you have finished your meal then we should not be serving more drink".

Rule of 6

You will only be able to dine with people you live with indoors,
however you can sit with upto six people outside your household outside the Chequers under the 'rule of six'.

Serving until 10pm

At 10pm we have to stop serving,
at this point we are allowing 30minutes to finish your meal and drinks.

We will be closing the Chequers at 10.30 pm every night.

Table service only

Quite simply we only serve you at the table.

Face Covering

On entry and while moving around the Chequers you are required to have a suitable face mask.

Once you have sat at your table this can be removed.


Enjoy a night of luxury in a true 15th century coaching inn. Each room offers the chequers blend of vintage charm but with all the modern benefits, king size beds, Egyptian cotton sheets even big fluffy towels.


When it comes to food we make no excuses, "we want quality food".

At Chequers we are blessed to have such great produce on our doorstep, so it's easy for us to get quality products selected for flavour. Our chefs work hard preparing every dish from scratch and developing our menus, following all the seasons tastes and flavours.


Here is the best bit, we love to relax.
Set in a beautiful historic inn with years of character, from traditional beams, cosy inglenook, even a suit of armour this provide the perfect back drop to let the world rush past whist you chose a cosy sofa, listen to smooth jazz and enjoy the best in life. Our service is there when you need it, but never rushed, so you can enjoy at your own pace.