Dessert Menu 15-2-20


Yorkshire rhubarb & toasted nut crumble, vanilla ice cream 6.50 (v)

Chocolate & pistachio torte, raspberry sorbet, honeycomb 6.50 (v)

Pear, cider & date upside down cake, maple pecans, ginger beer sorbet 6.50 (ve)

Granny smith parfait, oat brittle, sour apple jelly, salted caramel, hazlenut 6.50 (v)

Affogato, espresso shot, vanilla ice cream 5.25 (v)

Coffee & mini dessert, mini chocolate chip cookie with your choice of coffee 4.95 (v)

Homemade sorbet blueberry, prosecco & elderflower, raspberry 4.70 (ve)

Homemade ice cream vanilla, earl grey 4.70 (v)



Dried apricots, chequers chutney, pickles, celery,

3 cheese 8.00 5 cheese 11.00



An award winning goats cheese produced in East Sussex. This cheese has a distinct sweet flavour with a soft ice cream like texture. Rolled in ash and allowed to mature helps it to develop a more complex flavour and create a natural rind.

Milk type: Goat. Unpasteurised. East Sussex



The unique recipe of Sussex Charmer produces a cheese that is a cross between a Traditional Mature Farmhouse Cheese and a Parmesan. It is produced exclusively with milk from their our own herd of dairy cows from Pallinghurst Farm in Rudgwick, West Sussex.

Vegetarian & Pasteurised



Made in Stonegate, as the name suggests Burwash rose is washed in English rose water, This gives the full flavoured cheese a build-up of the wonderful orange sticky and distinctly floral-scented rind. This cheese has an amazing bouncy texture which dresses up beautifully on the cheeseboard. A melt-in-the-mouth

Milk type: Pasteurised cow’s milk from Sussex- Vegetarian



Covered in a distinctive, natural, mould ripened rustic rind with a deep yellow, moist centre. It has a rich blue taste, smooth buttery texture and melt in your mouth flavour.

Milk type: Pasteurised cow’s milk from Brighton – Vegetarian



Winner of the best new idea, this is the only all black cheddar cheese. It is a smooth, creamy, mature cheese, blended with real charcoal.

Milk type: Pasteurised cow’s milk from Yorkshire–Vegetarian