Dessert menu 26-1-19


Red wine poached pear, meringue, chantilly cream, stem ginger 6.00

Cardamom panna cotta, blackberries & pistachios 6.50

Chocolate torte, raspberry sorbet, chocolate soil 6.50

Affogato, Madagascan vanilla ice cream, espresso coffee 5.25

Ice cream, shortbread crumb 4.70

chocolate orange . salted caramel . vanilla

Sorbet, toasted almonds 4.70

raspberry . mango


3 cheese’s   8.00  5 cheese’s 11.00

Cheese, dried apricots, caperberries, chutney, celery, artisan crackers.


1 OLDE SUSSEX Olde Sussex has an open and bouncy texture. This cheese is wonderfully deep, rich and creamy, with a superb tang.

Milk type: unpasteurised cows milk from Kingcott Dairy- Vegetarian

2 BARKHAM BLUE Barkham blue is a rich blue cheese with a smooth buttery texture and a melt-in-the-mouth flavour. The smooth creamy flavour has none of the harshness associated with some blue cheese.

Milk type: Pasteurised cow’s milk from Hampshire/Berkshire border- Vegetarian

3 LORD LONDON Made in the heart of the Sussex countryside, Lord London is a distinctive bell-shaped cheese with a semi-soft texture and is complimented by a delicate citrus flavour with a hint of honey and lasting butteryness.

Milk type: Pasteurised cow’s milk from Sussex- Vegetarian

4 BLACK STICKS Black sticks Blue is a farmhouse blue veined cheese. Rightly been depicted as the “daddy of blue cheese.” The cheese is aged for eight weeks during which it develops a distinctive amber hue along with a delicious creamy yet tangy taste.

Milk type: Pasteurised cow’s milk from Lancashire – Vegetarian

5 GOAT’S CHEESE Made at Chillies Dairy Farm in Crowborough this handmade soft goat’s cheese is creamy and mild in flavour. Its log shape makes it perfect for spreading or slicing

Milk type: goat’s milk from Sussex –Vegetarian