Lunch 14/11/18



For the table

Homemade chequers bread, smoked Maldon butter                                                                                        3.50

Parma ham, rocket & parmesan, flat bread                                                                                                     5.95

Heritage tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil, flat bread                                                                                       5.25

Nduja sausage, caramelised onions, mozzarella flat bread                                                                               5.75


Small plates

Soup of the moment, chequers bread                                                                                                            5.50

Fish chowder, samphire, garden peas,                                                                                                          6.50|13.00

Potato & lemon risotto, candied tarragon, duck egg                                                                                         6.50|13.00

Mussels marinara, samphire, bacon lardons and crusty bread                                                                          7.50

Pan seared calves’ liver on toast, mushrooms, truffle oil                                                                                   7.00



Sea – Dill & gin cured salmon, apple salad, soft shell crab, thai steamed mussels, roasted crevettes                    15.00

garlic aioli, pickles & bread

Forest – Crispy belly of pork, apple and vanilla purée, parma ham, pulled pork croquettes, pea shoots, aioli          15.00

pickles & bread

Garden- Heritage tomato’s, couscous, charred spring vegetables, potato & spring onion hash, smoked                 13.50

celeriac, pickles & bread



Butter nut squash risotto, sweet potato crisps, pea shoots                                                                               13.75

Roasted aubergine & potato tagine, lemon & thyme couscous                                                                        11.95

Harveys beer battered cod, hand cut chips, creamed peas, tartare sauce, beetroot pickled egg                           13.50

Tomato & seafood stew served with crusty bread                                                                                          16.00

Braised pork belly, creamed potato, honey roasted parsnips, onion gravy                                                         12.50

Pan roasted chicken supreme, potato and tarragon risotto, wild mushrooms                                                      14.50

Dry aged rib eye steak, hand cut chips, heritage tomatoes, field mushroom, garlic butter, peppercorn sauce          15.50


Onion rings 3.50                                                           Tenderstem broccoli, roasted hazelnuts 3.95

Hand cut chips, aioli 4.95                                               Mixed greens 3.95

Buttered new potatoes 3.95                                             Garlic green beans 2.95


Sandwiches all served on Chequers white bread with coleslaw and a choice of either hand cut chips or a bowl of today’s soup

Chequers club sandwich, chicken, maple bacon, crushed avocado, baby gem, mayo, fried egg                             8.50

halloumi, tazaiki, rocket and pickled red cabbage                                                                                           7.90

Bbq pulled pork, smoked cheddar, apple sauce, apple slaw                                                                             8.00

Open smoked beer battered haddock, burnt lemon mayo, tomato and onion chutney                                           8.20



Madagascan vanilla poached pineapple carpaccio, coconut sorbet, honey comb                                                 6.00

Lemon whip, meringue, mango pure, passion fruit pearls, vanilla crumble                                                          6.00

Salted caramel & double chocolate brownie, honeycomb ice cream, strawberry compote                                      6.25


Homemade ice creams & sorbets

ICE CREAM all made in house, served with praline & raspberry gel                                                                  4.70

Belgium chocolate….vanilla… honeycomb

SORBET all made in house, served with praline & raspberry gel                                                                     4.70

Strawberry…raspberry… Mango




Cheese                                                                                                                                                                                                     3 cheese’s 8.00

Cheese, grape and sultana chutney, crackers                                                                                                5 cheese’s 11.00

choose from our selection of British cheeses




Olde Sussex has an open and bouncy texture. This cheese is wonderfully deep, rich and creamy, with a superb tang.


Milk type: Raw cows milk from Kingcott Dairy-Vegetarian





Oxford Blue is a full fat, semi soft stilton type blue cheese with a creamy texture and clean, sharp, tangy flavour.


Milk type: Pasteurised cow’s milk from

Buckinghamshire- Vegetarian



A moist cheese from Cornwall with a fresh, creamy

taste and a quality all of its own – derived from the

hand-applied covering of nettles.  A great-looking,

great-tasting and – let’s say it again – unique cheese.


Milk type: Pasteurised cow’s milk from Cornwall-  Vegetarian











Brie is the best known French cheese ans has a nick name “The Queen of cheeses”. Brie is a artisan, soft cheese named after the French region Brie, where it is originally created. Several hundred years ago, Brie was one of the tributes which had to be paid to the French kings.


Milk type: Unpasteurised cow’s milk





Somerset blue is a handmade cheese with a creamy buttery flavour derive from the high butterfat of jersey milk. It is firm but smooth with a rich texture and a spicy aroma.
Milk type: Unpasteurised cow’s milk from Somerset – Vegetarian




Our Goodweald Smoked is a hard farmhouse cheese that has been naturally smoked over oak chippings by the award winning Weald smokery.  Creating a rich, full bodied and pleasant toasted aroma.


Milk type: Raw cows milk from Kingcott Dairy-Vegetarian